Our references show that client's worldwide turn to Neptun to realise future and market oriented, tailor made and competitively priced vessels. They count on Neptun's know-how, reliability and flexibility to open new horizons in shipbuilding.

One of the important facts in developing innovative solutions is that modern ships are more and more designed to meet improved safety and environmental standards and excellent operation performances. Neptun that means a new generation of innovative ships, designed for your benefit.

Our design for offshore solutions of various type

Neptun Ship Design as a naval architect's is inherently connected to the growing and future-oriented offshore market. The better part of Neptun's outstanding knowledge and skills in ship design can be released for offshore tasks too.

Neptun participate in the ongoing development of offshore projects and initiate proprietary developments whether to cooperate with related companies, support of projects or to set trends in developing unconventional solutions such as swath-based wind park-fleet or offshore seaport for installation, operational and maintenance tasks.


Floating Wind Turbine Installation Vessel (FWTIV)


Jack-up type cantilever crane

Floating installation on DP-Mode

Powered by Ammonia

  Datasheet FWTIV


Wind Turbine Transport Vessel (WTTV)


Integrated skidding system

Flush cargo deck 4,200 spm

Compensation platform

Gripper for upending

  Datasheet WTTV

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Taylor made vessels – built to capture new markets

Neptun's modern design philosophy and the comprehensive project management is fully committed to functionality and quality, the basis of the performance of our Multi purpose vessels.The taylor made design of Neptun realises the transport of any kind of project cargo as well as heavy lifts. This gives us full confidence for the satisfaction of our clients.


Multi Purpose Vessel 22.000 dwt

(external link)


Super heavy lift vessel


Full extended weather deck

Adjustable tweendecks in height

Optimized powering performance

Efficient & safe solutions




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Luxury vessels – Top design and individual solutions

Neptun Ship Design converts the client's ideas as well as individual concepts of architects into ship's structure from engine room to luxury suite.

Wether committed to the luxury and comfort of passenger or to the functionality and safe performance of the vessel, Neptun Ship Design provides customised solutions.



Electric Mobility - New Passenger Ferry Concept on the Warnow River, Rostock


  Electric Mobility on the Warnow River (German)

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Innovative vessels - built to meet the demand of the transportation market

As the biggest part of the worldwide fleet the container vessels are mirroring better than other ships the changes and challenges of the transportation market and the development of the national and international regulations pushed by growing environmental standards.

One milestone in Neptun's innovative ship designs has been the development of the exceptional Panmax vessel of the type CV Venus 5300 TEU.

CV Sapphire 5300 COMPACT Neptun class


5300 TEU

1000 RFEU


CV Ruby 2700 Neptun


Maximized for large number of containers

Also available for 2500 TEU


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Innovative vessels – built to meet the demand of the transportation market

It's every time a challenging optimization task in between lines, power and deadweight to earn the required parameters for bulkers. Among the design features especially the Common Structural Rules mostly influence the actual bulker projects. Neptun finally develops optimized hull structures by global and local strength calculations with Finite Element Method.

Emerald 37k

37.200 dwt geared Handysize


Bulk Carrier, GRAB[25],

Hold no. 2,4 may be empty


Emerald 82k

82.000 dwt Kamsarmax


Bulk Carrier, CSR, GRAB[20],

Hold no. 2,4,6 may be empty



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Our conversion makes your ship run profitably

Long delivery periods in new building, premium prices due to high demand and fully stretched shipyard capacities, rate changes for cargo and charter ship owners’ planning is subject to these market fluctuations short term and long term. Thus conversion may already be necessary shortly after delivery.

In the conversion design phases of Feasibility Studies, Basic and Detail Design Neptun accurately meets all conversion requirements according the nature of your ship conversion (major or minor) which determined by classification society finally.

Especially in the stage of Feasibility Studies and consulting our clients get excellent overviews concerning substantial changes of ships features or structural parameters. As a result in the early design stage, clients clearly see the change of e.g. principal dimensions, cargo or passenger capacity, extension of service intervals or changes in classification requirements.

Double end ferry Puttgarden


Desgin of new side ramp

New hoistable tweendecks

Plan approval

Site management

Conversion AIDA Cara


New balkonies and railing

Planning, calculation and design

Site management

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Link spans - a unique hallmark of Neptun Ship Design

A tried and tested speciality of Neptun's structural engineering is the design and construction of link spans. All necessary kinematic, static and strength analyses of link span structures are carried out with CAD and FEM programs. Configuration of steel construction concepts is made after analysing technical marginal conditions and customers parameters.

Multi functional Link Span Rostock


Structural Engineering

Strength calculations

Approval planning

Production drawings

Link Span Seaport Rostock


Structural Engineering

Strength calculations

Approval planning

Production drawings

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