Mit dem traditionellen Brennstart hat am 4. Mai 2023 auf der NEPTUN WERFT offiziell der Bau des Forschungsschiffes METEOR IV für das Bundesministerium…

International shipping must make a significant contribution to climate protection in the future.

We are pleased to inform you that the Neptun family celebrated its 30th Anniversary on 24th September 2022.



Take the stage @SMM: at NAPA stand-talks Neptun Ship Design was happy to present how we utilize NAPA's Design Solutions and 3D models for several…

Family-run shipyards decide on joint acquisition of NEPTUN SHIP DESIGN in Rostock

NEPTUN is hiring and looking for motivated professionals in many disciplines. See our CAREER section and get in contact!

Without innovative shipbuilding, climate-friendly shipping and efficient global offshore wind energy generation, the necessary climate protection…

Recently the Container Vessel MH GREEN was delivered in China.

Recently the Container Vessel MAERSK ZAMBESI EX YAGTZE SHANGAI was delivered in China.

Recently the Container Vessel INTERASIA VISION was delivered in China. This vessel is No. 25 in series of NEPTUN TOPAZ design!