R&D project "AmmoniaMot" has official started

In connection with the desire to increasingly use in the future green hydrogen as a substitute for fossil fuels, green ammonia as hydrogen carrier is becoming increasingly important because it is much more suitable for the storage applications. This is especially true for shipping.

The advantage of green ammonia is the possibility of production from infinitely available raw material ( water & air ) by green energy from f.e.solar and wind and that worldwide. May be offshore? Ammonia-capable engines, corresponding tank- and fuel systems as well monitoring applications to protect the crew in the engine room from the toxicity of ammonia are the challenges for the supply chain.

With our partners from science and industry we are starting the R&D project „AmmoniaMot“, supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economics. With the aim of being able to supply pragmatic shipowners and shipyards worldwide with products and ship designs "ammonia ready" soon.