Floating Offshore Wind 2025

Without innovative shipbuilding, climate-friendly shipping and efficient global offshore wind energy generation, the necessary climate protection goals and a sustainable global economy will not be achievable.

Energy generation and production facilities for alternative fuels offshore will depend on gigantic wind farm projects, mostly on floating structures.

Large, efficient, safe and environmentally friendly are the main requirements for the upcoming offshore wind projects. They also apply to ships required for transportation, installation and maintenance. The logistics challenges for transportation and installation worldwide affect fixed but above all floating turbines.

Neptun Ship Design is very proud to present the first offshore crane ship on the market today that can effectively and safely install turbine components one after the other on both fixed and floating foundations.

"Blue Amethyst" was developed in close cooperation with system suppliers with solid references such as Kongsberg, Siemens Energy, Trident Maritime Systems, Mohr Hebetechnik, Bröhl, Flender and Hawart.

Electromechanical load handling devices such as the TULT (Tower Upending & Lifting Tool), VBIT (Vertical Blade Installation Tool) and the SBPT (Spreader Blade Package Tool) ensure a high degree of flexibility.

Evaluated by ABS through a Conceptual Design Review, Blue Amethyst is an unrivaled crane ship design for worldwide use in offshore wind.

In conjunction with highly efficient feeder logistics, the rigid lifting crane system from Blue Amethyst can take over turbine components in DP mode and assemble them safely one after the other.

Deck areas and safety requirements for the storage of turbine components are no longer design conditions for this type of crane ship.

The dynamics of long crane booms and main hook wire ropes are a thing of the past. The main hook of the innovative Rack & Pinion Jackup Cantilever crane from Blue Amethyst is always positioned very close to the main winch.

The PCOS (Predicted Crane Operation System) enables a safe installation of towers and nacelles. The energy system of Blue Amethyst works with a DC network, buffered by batteries. The future generators will run on CO2-neutral green ammonia.

Alternating assemblies on several turbines enable efficient process organization when building wind farms. Conventional onshore assembly floating wind turbines and costly tug logistics are obsolete.

Floaters such as Spars can be delivered and watered by our Wind Turbine Transport Vessel (WTTV) Blue Azurit. After anchoring and installing the export cables, Blue Amethyst is ready for the wind turbines offshore installation.

Blue Amethyst can also be used for fixed and floating offshore wind turbines maintenance around the world, e.g. to replace rotor blades.

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