Over the next years the approach of coming generation wind turbines will confront the offshore wind industry with new challenges. Traditional methods, vessels and equipments have reached their limits and need to be scrutinised. The new challenges require pragmatic problem solving, integration of lessons learned and unique methods in order to achieve necessary improvements. In accordance with the objective “Larger Turbines, Further Offshore, Deeper Waters” Neptun Ship Design (NSD) is the key for investors and turbine manufacturers to access new levels within the offshore wind industry.

The Challenges

Offshore wind farm developers and governments are pushing to reduce the Levelised Cost of Energy (LCoE) significantly in order to increase the competitiveness of offshore wind compared to other energy sources.

Large wind turbines of the next generation will reduce installation as well operation costs and will increase the power output per unit of investment (greater energy capture). Faster and safer transport, installation and operation of turbine elements will be facilitated by a larger fleet of specialised vessels for offshore wind.

NSD is prepared to provide investors, turbine manufacturers and vessel owners with designs enabling transport, installation and maintenance of Larger Turbines, Further Offshore in Deeper Waters.


Our engineering reduces the LCoE by enabling higher energy production per turbine and optimises processes within turbine supply as well as turbine operation & maintenance.

New logistic transport concepts, economic vessel designs and optimised suppliers management (main equipment procurement) are the three cornerstones of our Offshore Wind 2020 strategy to improve the wind farm CAPEX / OPEX significantly.

Efficient Logistics · BLUE AZURIT - designed by Neptun

Wind Farm Service Vessel BLUE ACHAT

Wind Turbine Installation Vessel BLUE AMBER

We advise you

Our technical consultancy improves projects in every design phase. The customer’s problem challenges our specialists to provide a solution by optimally using the resources. NSD already provides innovative and efficient philosophies and vessel concepts for installation, O&M and transport logistics, such resulting in long-term cost reduction within wind farm assets.

Our support and advice facilitates the decision making of wind farm developers and turbine manufacturers.

We design for you

An offshore vessel designed by Neptun ensures 100% customisation, standardisation for series concepts, maximum safety, high efficiency, clean design and state-of-the-art comfort class for crew and offshore personnel.

Our concepts are more than ideas: proven reliable by ship theory calculations & pre-coordination with the main equipment suppliers.

We plan for you

Our strategic expertise allows our customers to focus on the main decisions. NSD assists wind farm investors in matters of “Suppliers Management” to comply with vessel demands and home port characteristics. Furthermore, we offer support to turbine manufacturers in their responsibility as EPIC - contractor.

Our procurement service for extended owner furnished equipment (OFE) includes necessary logistic planning and keeps the operator’s budget to a minimum.


Our know-how in marine engineering, procurement and project management will be the key to your success!

  • Ship design and equipment integration incl. interfaces
  • Equipment procurement and delivery logistic
  • Partner network for the related supply chain
  • Supplier audits & equipment FAT
  • Yard tendering assistance
  • Newbuilding third-party supervision
  • Lessons Learned integration
  • Special R&D projects