Neptun Ship Design’s overall state-of-the-art vessel design contributes to the worldwide modern new building of safe, functional and efficient ships. Whether in Germany, Far East or in the world: Wherever shipowners, shipyards, investors or private owners are engaged in new building, conversion or even design they get excellent performance by Neptun. As an independent naval architect Neptun produce tailor-made design. Based on high-performance software tools – e.g. NAPA, ANSYS, AVEVA, NUPAS, CADMATIC, ACAD, OpenFOAM – Neptun supplies Initial Design with general arrangement drawings and relative documents, Basic Design including classification drawings, Detail Design and Production Design with related drawings.


Main parameters of the intended vessel, presented in one sheet. General feasibility is proved by first rough calculations.

  • Key Notes
  • Technical Overview
  • Defined Parameters

Market Study

Market demands can be identified and defined as a general information for tendencies of vessel-types. Our analysises figure out the improvements for relevant vessel types. As a result of the market study a Modern Handout will be presented including:

  • 2D Rendering
  • Key Notes
  • Datasheet


Short description of the vessel with main parameters and components. First issue of a preliminary General Arrangement Plan with main parameters (e.g. location of deckhouse, cargo holds, cranes, location of ER)

  • Brief Specification
  • Draft General Arrangement Plan

Tender Documentation

The Tender Documentation allows customer to approach shipyards to receive their commercial proposals and possibly enter into negotiations to conclude a preliminary agreement in the form of a letter of intent (LOI) with a selected shipyard.

  • Main vessel characteristic
  • Preliminary weight calculation
  • Preliminary General Arrangement
  • Outline Specification

Contract Design

Contractual documentation allows the Customer to finalize a shipbuilding contract with the selected shipyard.

  • Contract Specification
  • Steel and Lightship weights
  • Contract General Arrangement
  • Midship Section

Main parameters of the intended vessel are proven by calculations in all building groups so far necessary and senseful. The First Initial Design often covers the Tender Documentation and the Contract Design too.

  • General Arrangement Plan
  • Requirement Specification
  • Lines Plan
  • Midship section
  • Tank Arrangement Plan
  • Engine Room Arrangement


The Basic Design determines another part of building costs. In this phase Neptun Ship Design provides classification documents. Whether for classification society or any authority Neptun prepares set of required drawings and documentations in line with the latest rules and regulations.

  • General Arrangement
  • Accommodation Layout
  • Naval architectural calculations
  • Steel Plans
  • Engine Room Arrangement 
  • Outfitting for cargo operation
  • Inquiry specifications
  • Scheduling of inquiry activities



The Basic Design Extended is a special scope of design developed by experience of our global teamwork. It covers all documents from the Basic Design and predefined most of the vessel’s items by the larger number of and more detailed documents. Optional a rough structural 3D-model can be provided by Neptun. The Basic Design Extended enables Shipyard to build up its own Detail Design 3D-model and continue with the Production Design.

Detail Design

Whether standard or individual requirements of clients, architects and consultants: Neptun’s Detail Design contains precisely defined engineering solutions for construction and gives full and easy understanding of design items. The coordinated 3D-model of the Detail Design includes all data necessary and sufficient for Shipyard to follow up with its Production Design.

Production Design

The generation of the production design documents requires depth knowledge of building facilities and building method of the shipyard. Therefore, these documents are typically created by the shipyard itself. For selected shipyards Neptun can provide these documents:

  • Part generation and nesting
  • part- and profile lists 
  • Pipe isometrics / bending tables
  • workshop drawings
  • Bending templates
  • jigs-tables