Dutch shipping company Spliethoff has placed an order of six multipurpose vessels at the Zhejiang Ouhua Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., shipyard in China. The new r-type was created in close cooperation between Spliethoff and Neptun Ship Design. After the Initial Design stage, Neptun Ship Design is responsible for the basic and classification design as well.

The series of new vessels will be named Raamgracht, Realengracht, Reguliersgracht, Rijpgracht, Ringgracht and Rozengracht. The first vessel is scheduled to be delivered in beginning of 2019. The new R-Class vessels are designed in accordance with the Polar Code and suited to trading in remote areas such as the Arctic. The units have an overall length of 165 m and a deadweight of approximately 18,000 t. With a hold length of over 100 metres and three heavy lift cranes which are combinable, the vessels are suitable to operate in the specialised breakbulk market with heavy and outsized cargoes.

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At the moment the U.N. Ro-Ro ferry „UN Akdeniz“ is being lengthened by 30m according to our design. Neptun Ship Design is proud to be a partner for U.N. Ro-Ro Isletmeleri A.S. for such a spectacular project.

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Read detailed information about our new development projects under the page "PROJECTS - Passenger vessel"

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press release, 11/30/2016 NEPTUN MOVER - Battery powered ferry

NEPTUN MOVER - High efficient innovation combined with design, functionality and safety benefits the environmental friendly E-mobility on the water. Neptun Ship Design presents his new concept for 100% battery powered ferry for the river Warnow in Rostock Warnemünde.

The technical concept combines the E-ferry functionality by use of renewable energy with the wharf pontoon functionality and the landscape infrastructure. All requirements are specified for a safe electric loading technology and intelligent customer transfer logistics. Less operations and maintenance cost benefits the operator and general public.

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press release, 10/12/2016 Tour on the water way

Neptun Ship Design presenting the new concept of an electric battery – powered passenger ferry concept for public transportation, named NEPTUN HOPPER.

Several cities around the world separated by rivers or bays are continually frustrated as heavy traffic suddenly causing stress to motorists in traffic jams.

The concept takes the advantage for the commuter to use such ferry for saving time, stress and costs.

Tourists are more flexible to explore the city and surrounded areas alongside the waterways, incl. natural parks or technical monuments like locks or channels.

Park & ride facilities, new bike runways, new pedestrian access as well entertained dock areas give additional benefits for the general public. Areas around the docks will have the chances for business growth and touristic development.

The object of integration ferry and dock is to optimise safe passenger all weather access and efficient automation of the electrical short stop loading equipment for the batteries.

The dock is equipped with a system to buffer the incoming NEPTUN HOPPER kinetic energy and assist him to go out without use of the battery powered propulsion units.

Such system in addition to the photovoltaic plant on the roof supports the overall topic for high efficiency of the energy management system.

The innovative design but mainly zero emission for climate protection and use of renewable power sources are the main Unique Selling Point (USP) of the concept NEPTUN HOPPER.

The logistic is that fares would not be collected en-route. Modern media as prepaid cards, QR code, App or benefit cards from contracted local stakeholder or shops may be used.

The NEPTUN HOPPER fleet will be technically and logistically supervised by “looking from sky“ software, providing always online and local information to general public about actual route of the different NEPTUN HOPPERs and their next planned voyage. The traffic demands from the customers will be the learning curve for the NEPTUN HOPPER fleet software. No time table will be required, because locally on the ships and docks or online the customers can book their passages in advance, daily, weekly or long term with related benefits. Technical and commercial values from the NEPTUN HOPPERs and the docks will be online transferred. Such makes it possible to run each NEPTUN HOPPER with only one mariner.

In combination and by intelligent integration in the future trend transport concepts the NEPTUN HOPPER supports pragmatic urban management for such cities.


Please look our video animation and  contact us for further details.

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press release, 07/26/2016 Offshore Wind 2020 Announcement

Innovative concepts for the vessels needed in the future for offshore wind turbine installation, logistic and O&M requires pragmatic technical specification and know how synergy effects used from involved vessel equipment maker. Detailed engineering and design coordination is the best basis for reliability of the vessels concept description.

As previously informed NSD has worked and is working very close together with main equipment manufactures during development of the projects BLUE AMBER and BLUE ACHAT.
Next also the innovative Wind Turbine Transport Vessel will be developed in close cooperation.

We have the pleasure to inform you about the Offshore Wind 2020 - Collaboration Agreement official signature on 21.07.2016 with the following partners:

Neptun Ship Design GmbH  //  Siemens AG  //  National Oilwell Varco  //  Bosch Rexroth B.V.  //  Enerpac Integrated Solutions B.V.  //  Trident Marine Systems  //  Kongsberg Maritime GmbH  //  Schottel GmbH  //  Hawart GmbH.

The cooperation is in line with the requirement for the whole supply chain to take full effort for lowering the LCoE.
The partners with their references are well known in the wind and Jackup market.
Interested clients are welcome to contact us or our partners for further details.

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press release, 06/15/2016 Wind Farm Service Vessel BLUE ACHAT

The offshore wind farms under development for further offshore installations in deeper waters and equipped with wind turbine sizes above 10MW power requires not only new installation vessels like our BLUE AMBER type.

But also absolutely necessary to think ahead and have the strategy and technical basis for the logistic of the O(perating) & M(aintenance) - phase in place.

The great benefit of such kind of wind farm won’t be activated when the O&M – phase is not organised and planned in advance.

Topics to be take care off are spare parts availability, crane availability, technician transfer logistic as well the efficiency of the service vessels itself. Such will be the main point for the costs.

All traditional ways of doing thinks needs to be scrutinised and wind farm developers, turbine manufacturers, vessel operators and the supply chain for turbine O&M are invited to be open for changing traditionally ways.

Neptun Ship Design notify the offshore wind community about our new Wind Farm Service Vessel “BLUE ACHAT”.

The vessel has been developed in closed cooperation with highly experienced main equipment suppliers and is focused in design, integrated equipment solutions, scope of job integration and vessel life time strategy to comply with the overall requirement for lowering the LCoE.

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press release, 03/24/2016 Wind Installation Vessel BLUE AMBER

The installation of 8MW++ wind turbines further offshore in water depth up to 60 meters is not a dream anymore. Neptun Ship Design offers an innovative solution to wind farm developers, wind turbine manufactures and operators around the world. The Jack-Up vessel “Blue Amber” is specifically designed for the efficient and safe installation of the future generation wind turbines. The DP2-dynamic positioning of the WTIV provides unique capabilities for jacking close to the jacket foundation clearance zone of the offshore installation. The vessel’s efficient energy management system in combination with the clean design notation promises an environmental friendly and sustainable ownership. The 4 leg vessel is able to transport 6 turbine sets, consisting of tower, nacelle and blades. The Installation of one turbine set on a jacket structure will require maximum 5 heavy lifts each. The main crane with SWL 2000To@45m and trolley / tugger arrangement on boom is operated by frequency controlled machinery under deck. Comfort class accommodation is provided for 120 persons. A save crew change is guaranteed via helicopter platform with integrated Jet A1 refueling system. Close development coordination and cooperation with market leaders for the main equipment packages makes it now possible to present you a custom made vessel concept, which is focused on lowering the levelised cost of energy -LCoE-, which is the main target of the offshore wind industry.

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press release, 03/17/2016 Offshore Wind 2020 - Announcement

Our Wind Turbine Installation Vessel animation will be published in next days.

Larger turbines, further offshore in deeper waters are the future technical benchmarks for new vessels and logistical concepts.

You are invited to visit on our website the slide >> OFFSHORE WIND 2020 << and you will find interesting inspiration how we think the offshore wind industry will be able to comply with the requirement for reducing the levelized cost of energy (LCoE).

Visit our new launched website page now. In Future we will advise you in Offshore Wind Solutions. The new concepts will reduce the Levelised Cost of Energy (LCoE) significantly.

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