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The shipyard group MV WERFTEN is acquiring the Rostock-based Neptun Ship Design, which as Germany’s largest ship design office has enjoyed an excellent reputation worldwide for decades thanks to its impressive know-how and successful designs.

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Contracted by the city of Ueckermünde, NSD and the subcontractor “CPL Competence in Ports and Logistics GmbH“ analyzed the potential for a new ferry line across the Stettiner Haff to the isle of Usedom.

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The logistic for the transportation of the elements for offshore wind turbines gets more and more the bottleneck for the international markets. Export from factories or feeder to the sites (f.e. at US east coast) will be one of the main challenges.

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The offshore wind industry gets pressure for cost reduction, reduced project risks and higher reliability.

Growing turbine sizes, local content production and efficient supply chain are some of the known key words.

Beside new installation vessels the focus to be taken on efficient logistics for export, import and feeder.

Coming 10 – 15 MW turbines with continuous welded and horizontal outfitted turbine towers in combination with our wind turbine transport vessel BLUE AZURIT will open up new challenges and opportunities for suppliers and wind park projects around the world.

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In 2017, Neptun Ship Design celebrates its first quarter century. Germany’s biggest ship design company, headquartered in Rostock, has earned an outstanding international reputation as a developer of advanced vessels.

Read more about topics by Neptun Ship Design at the second brochure „Schiffbau Industrie“ in 2017 of the German organization „VSM“ (Verband für Schiffbau und Meerestechnik e.V.). Text presented in German.

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Efficient Logistics · BLUE AZURIT - designed by Neptun

Designed by Neptun

Neptun Ship Design - Germany´s largest ship design office established in 1992.

Tradition and innovative spirit are successfully driving our business ever since. Neptun´s cutting-edge designs are durable and highly fuel-efficient – viable for a challenging future. Modular concepts and energy-efficient approaches result in economic solutions for your shipping business.

Worldwide, Neptun designs enjoy an excellent reputation for tailor-made solutions with customized, specialized or off-the-shelf arrangements for your type of ship.

With our capacity of nearly 120 engineers, who are able to cover all building groups of a vessel (i.e. ship's theory, hull, outfitting, accommodation, machinery, piping, electric) we improved our capability to develop sophisticated projects in a short time.

This way, we can proudly offer a customer-friendly integrated ship design as we are able to provide all services needed. Come with us on a common path.