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press release, 04/13/2022 MEYER and FASSMER take over world shipbuilding brand

Family-run shipyards decide on joint acquisition of NEPTUN SHIP DESIGN in Rostock

Papenburg, 13 April 2022 – The MEYER Group and the FASSMER company decide to jointly acquire the renowned shipbuilding engineering company NEPTUN SHIP DESIGN in Rostock with around 100 employees. The company with more than 30 years of experience and customers all over the world shall continue to operate independently and in its current structure. Additional jobs are to be created to strengthen the engineering office. This will enable NEPTUN SHIP DESIGN to continue to serve customers worldwide with its recognized high level of expertise, while at the same time implementing projects for the two German shipyard groups. MEYER and FASSMER are thus strengthening their focus on the development and construction of highly complex special ships, on which the future market for new ships will concentrate.

press release, 08/19/2021 Floating Offshore Wind 2025

Without innovative shipbuilding, climate-friendly shipping and efficient global offshore wind energy generation, the necessary climate protection goals and a sustainable global economy will not be achievable.

Energy generation and production facilities for alternative fuels offshore will depend on gigantic wind farm projects, mostly on floating structures.

Large, efficient, safe and environmentally friendly are the main requirements for the upcoming offshore wind projects. They also apply to ships required for transportation, installation and maintenance. The logistics challenges for transportation and installation worldwide affect fixed but above all floating turbines.

In connection with the desire to increasingly use in the future green hydrogen as a substitute for fossil fuels, green ammonia as hydrogen carrier is becoming increasingly important because it is much more suitable for the storage applications. This is especially true for shipping.

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Climate change also requires new ship designs for the transport sector on inland waterways. Partly low water levels and stricter emissions regulations determine the designs and equipment of new tankers.

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Rostock, 15 May 2019 – 17. Real estate day of the Hanseatic and University City of Rostock. Neptun Ship Design presents electric mobility on the Warnow River.


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Efficient Logistics · BLUE AZURIT - designed by Neptun

Designed by Neptun

Neptun Ship Design - Germany´s largest ship design office established in 1992.

Tradition and innovative spirit are successfully driving our business ever since. Neptun´s cutting-edge designs are durable and highly fuel-efficient – viable for a challenging future. Modular concepts and energy-efficient approaches result in economic solutions for your shipping business.

Worldwide, Neptun designs enjoy an excellent reputation for tailor-made solutions with customized, specialized or off-the-shelf arrangements for your type of ship.

With our capacity of nearly 120 engineers, who are able to cover all building groups of a vessel (i.e. ship's theory, hull, outfitting, accommodation, machinery, piping, electric) we improved our capability to develop sophisticated projects in a short time.

This way, we can proudly offer a customer-friendly integrated ship design as we are able to provide all services needed. Come with us on a common path.