Year Fact
2015 Delivery of Pipe laying vessel “CEONA Amazon” by Lloyd Werft.
2014 Submersible heavy lift vessel for Rolldock built at Flensburger Schiffbaugesellschaft.
Modul Carrier for BIGROLL Shipping built at COSCO, Dalian.
2013 Delivery of 6 MPV 31000 dwt to China Navigation Company built at Ouhua Shipbuilding
2011 Design start for CV 1700 Topaz and CV 4800 Sapphire for Ouhua Shipbuilding.
Establishing Neptun China Ship Design as a joint venture together with Ouhua Shipbuilding.
2010 Establishing of Neptun Ship Design GmbH by merging Neptun Stahlkonstruktions GmbH, Wismarer Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH and Neptun Engineering GmbH.
Initiation of GEM-Fleet with Ouhua Shipbuilding, first contracts for Emerald BC 37 and Emerald BC 82
Design start for Super heavy lift vessel 2x900t for BIGLIFT.
2009 Ultimate Panmax container vessel CV Venus 5300.
MPC 16800 dwt - First project for Spliethoff
2008 Lengthening of DFDS Flower Class and scrubber retrofit.
2007 Cutter suction dredger for VOSTA LMG.
2006 CV Neptun 1200 - first delivery from Ouhua shipbuilding.
Lengthening of MPC 30.000 dwt for BERTLING at Lloyd Werft.
2004 Twin cruiser concept – 6 river cruise vessels for PREMICON built at Neptun Werft.
Establishing cooperation with Ouhua Shipbuilding.
2003 New river cruise vessel for Arosa built at Neptun Werft
Tugboat built at ASENAV shipyard, Chile
2002 AHTS 140 built at ASENAV shipyard, Chile
Ro-Ro link span MWB Blexen
DASA ferry link span Hamburg
2001 Drilling platform “STENA DON”
1997 Multifunctional link span for port of Rostock.
1996 Establishing of Wismarer Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH.
1995 Contacts to asian customers were established.
1994 First contract with Flensburger Schiffbaugesellschaft – Project ECOBOX (container vessel)
1992 Establishing of Neptun Stahlkonstruktions GmbH.
Establishing of Neptun Engineering GmbH.
Link Span design, a unique hullmark of Neptun, is started for several port authorities.
1990 Reunion of Germany, Neptun Werft now belongs to the German machinery and shipbuilding AG, a holding company of the Trust.
1957 The VEB NEPTUN WERFT was among the successful state shipyards of the former GDR.
1850 Shipbuilding in Rostock looks back on a long and successful story. The success story began in 1850th. This year the shipyard “Schiffswerft und Maschinenbauanstalt”, the later shipyard “Neptun” was founded by Wilhelm Zeltz and Albrecht Tischbein.