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press release, 03/24/2016 Wind Installation Vessel BLUE AMBER

The installation of 8MW++ wind turbines further offshore in water depth up to 60 meters is not a dream anymore. Neptun Ship Design offers an innovative solution to wind farm developers, wind turbine manufactures and operators around the world. The Jack-Up vessel “Blue Amber” is specifically designed for the efficient and safe installation of the future generation wind turbines. The DP2-dynamic positioning of the WTIV provides unique capabilities for jacking close to the jacket foundation clearance zone of the offshore installation. The vessel’s efficient energy management system in combination with the clean design notation promises an environmental friendly and sustainable ownership. The 4 leg vessel is able to transport 6 turbine sets, consisting of tower, nacelle and blades. The Installation of one turbine set on a jacket structure will require maximum 5 heavy lifts each. The main crane with SWL 2000To@45m and trolley / tugger arrangement on boom is operated by frequency controlled machinery under deck. Comfort class accommodation is provided for 120 persons. A save crew change is guaranteed via helicopter platform with integrated Jet A1 refueling system. Close development coordination and cooperation with market leaders for the main equipment packages makes it now possible to present you a custom made vessel concept, which is focused on lowering the levelised cost of energy -LCoE-, which is the main target of the offshore wind industry.

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press release, 03/17/2016 Offshore Wind 2020 - Announcement

Our Wind Turbine Installation Vessel animation will be published in next days.

press release, 01/20/2016 Wind Energy Network

Since January 2016, Neptun Ship Design is a member of the WindEnergy Network e.V..

For more information of the Network please follow the link.

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press release, 12/14/2015 New LNG ferry MS ”Helgoland”

Congratulations to Fr. Fassmer GmbH & Co.KG on the successful delivery of Germany’s first ever new build LNG-fueled seagoing vessel.

On Friday the 11.12.2015 the christening ceremony with subsequent maiden voyage took place.

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Another special vessel - designed by Neptun

Designed by Neptun

Neptun Ship Design - Germany´s largest ship design office established in 1992.

Tradition and innovative spirit are successfully driving our business ever since. Neptun´s cutting-edge designs are durable and highly fuel-efficient – viable for a challenging future. Modular concepts and energy-efficient approaches result in economic solutions for your shipping business.

Worldwide, Neptun designs enjoy an excellent reputation for tailor-made solutions with customized, specialized or off-the-shelf arrangements for your type of ship.

With our capacity of nearly 120 engineers, who are able to cover all building groups of a vessel (i.e. ship's theory, hull, outfitting, accommodation, machinery, piping, electric) we improved our capability to develop sophisticated projects in a short time.

This way, we can proudly offer a customer-friendly integrated ship design as we are able to provide all services needed. Come with us on a common path.