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Designed by Neptun


Germany's largest ship design office has developed a new COMPACT Class as the result of the successful launching of its designs for a series of 24 vessels of the type Topaz 1700 and currently 6 ships of the type Ruby 2500.

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acquisition, 07/22/2015 LNG Tanker for Anthony Veder

Neptun Ship Design is commissioned by the Neptun Werft in Rostock with the design for a tanker transporting liquefied natural gas (LNG). The vessel is ordered by the Dutch shipping company Anthony Veder tanker and shall have a length of approximately 160 m by a width of approximately 25 m with a load capacity of 18 000 m³. The ship is designed to be especially environmentally friendly because, for example, it is driven by LNG.

acquisition, 07/08/2015 New Design Contract

Design contract for basic design package and rough 3-D-modeling was signed on 3/7/2015 between Zhejiang Ouhua Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. and Neptun Ship Design GmbH. Content of this contract is the development of a new container vessel Sapphire 5300 COMPACT Neptun class with the intent to implement this high specificity in the market. Neptun Ship Design will support this design brief for 20 vessels.

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For more information of the DSMA please follow the link.

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China Navigation Company has received the first "Chief" Class Multi Purpose Vessel of 22.000 dwt designed by Neptun Ship Design, optimised by HSVA and built by Zhejiang Ouhua Shipbuilding in China. The innovative “Chief” Class will provide Swire Shipping’s valued customers with additional capacity, heavy lift capability (up to 120 tons) and increased cargo handling flexibility. The vessels have been specially designed for their unique high speed cargo handling ability and the versatility to carry a wide range of cargo types including dry and refrigerated containers, heavy-lift plant machinery and equipment, project parcels and agricultural commodities such as bulk parcels of grain.

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Another special vessel - designed by Neptun

Designed by Neptun

Neptun Ship Design - Germany´s largest ship design office established in 1992.

Tradition and innovative spirit are successfully driving our business ever since. Neptun´s cutting-edge designs are durable and highly fuel-efficient – viable for a challenging future. Modular concepts and energy-efficient approaches result in economic solutions for your shipping business.

Worldwide, Neptun designs enjoy an excellent reputation for tailor-made solutions with customized, specialized or off-the-shelf arrangements for your type of ship.

With our capacity of nearly 120 engineers, who are able to cover all building groups of a vessel (i.e. ship's theory, hull, outfitting, accommodation, machinery, piping, electric) we improved our capability to develop sophisticated projects in a short time.

This way, we can proudly offer a customer-friendly integrated ship design as we are able to provide all services needed. Come with us on a common path.